How to Choose the Best Bluetooth USB Dongle

Published: 12th July 2010
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A Bluetooth USB Dongle is the same thing as a bluetooth dongle adapter, or simply bluetooth dongle. It is a device which makes use of the Bluetooth wireless technology to connect a Bluetooth-enabled device, such as bluetooth headphones, to one that is not Bluetooth-enabled.

For example, if you have a Bluetooth mobile phone and you want to transfer your files to a computer which is not Bluetooth-enabled, you can make use of this device. Since it is a USB dongle, there is no need to install it inside your computer's casing. It can be used by connecting it to the Universal Serial Bus (USB) Port. This device provides for an easier and more efficient connectivity. It makes your Bluetooth device fully functional without the hassle and bulkiness of cords and wires.

First thing you need to check in order to have a good buy is the specifications you would want your Bluetooth USB Dongle to have. You are buying such a device because you require it to suit your needs. If you own an old computer which is not Bluetooth-enabled, you'll probably need a 2.0 version dongle which will fit the USB port of your old unit. There are other port specifications available for dongles. Make sure that you know what port your computer has so your dongle will fit to it.

Since it uses Bluetooth technology, the USB Dongle should have the ability to access to different types of Bluetooth peripherals from mobile phones, PDA's, laptops, scanners, printers, headset, gaming controllers, radio, and more. It should be able to do this with at least 7 devices simultaneously.

Like any other device that makes use of Bluetooth technology, it should be low-energy consuming. Meaning, if you are connecting it to your laptop, it should not easily drain out the battery.

The average range of connectivity that Bluetooth USB dongles in the market provide is at least 10 meters. Dongles which can be used within a lesser range might be no good.

Most consumers might want efficiency in everything they do. Since you are using this device to transfer files, connect to the Internet, or acquire connectivity with other people, you would also want it to perform fast to maximize your time. For this, make sure that the speed rate of your USB dongle is at least 3 MBPS.

The last but definitely most important factor for a good buy is the price. A USB dongle pegged at $11 per unit is the least price that gives you quality and cost-effectiveness.

These are the basic characteristics in making sure that you get a good deal out of purchasing a Bluetooth USB Dongle so that you can connect various Bluetooth peripherals and devices such as Bluetooth headphones, mobile phones, microphones, etc.

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